Units what does this mean


The units , only fit for 1 person, differ in size but are cozy and practically furnished and have a TV, a private kitchen, toilet and bath or shower. We rent the units furnished. You only have to check in with your suitcase full of clothes.
We have units with a fully equipped kitchenette. (stove, microwave, fridge with freezer, kettle and coffee machine). They all have their private bathroom/toilet.
We provide the beds with 2 sets of bed linen. You can wash for free in our washer/dryer 1 time per week. These are for shared use. We also provide 2 sets of towels.

Our beds and mattresses are made at the Slaapfabriek, a Dutch Factory with high quality Box Springs.

Most units have single beds 90x 2.00 meter but we have 2 units with a loft bed which has a size of 1.40×2.00 meter. In 2 of the 5 large units, we also have a double bed.

Prices for Units

Renting a smaller unit in our hotel is possible from € 700,- excl GWE + internet+ service costs.( now € 150,- but not fixed) These are suitable for 1-person use, have a 2-person loft bed so that the space is optimally used. A larger one is between € 1.000 and
€ 1.250 per month excl. The prices are based on occupancy by 1 person.

We have 5 small upholstered and furnished units with a shared kitchen and a extra space to have a shared dinner. These are in our courtyard. The price is € 700,- per month excl. They all have a private shower/toilet.
These are not available until july 2023 They are all occupied already.

Speciaal Unitproject in our monumental building ( August 2022)

In our monumental building on ” het Vrouwenregt” we created 5 large and/or splitlevel units for 1 person. These units have an equipped kitchenblock without cookingfacilitys. They all have a fridge, microwave and kettle. They also have a private bathroom /toilet.
In this monumental building we created a common area with luxurious kitchen, lazy couches, tv and a large dinnertable. In this area you can meet the other 4 tenants, cook together and enjoy each others company if you like. The prices are between € 900,- and
€ 1.100,- excl.


We have tenants with various renting periods so for the correct availability you best contact us by phone or email. We rent out per whole calendar month; check in on the 1st and check out on the last day of the month. The minimum stay is 3 months.