Furnished and upholstered

Lovely garden

High Speed Internet

Cleaning and laundry services

In the city centre

The Emauspoort “Just Like Home”

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 “Just Like Home”
What makes The Emauspoort unique ?:

The Emauspoort “Just Like Home” is a cozy Short Stay accommodation in Delft! Are you looking for temporary living in the center of Delft? Then you have come to the right place. Experience the Delft hospitality in our romantic Delft building in the historic center. The Emauspoort is conveniently located behind the New Church of Delft, near the Market Square, and within walking distance of several museums, restaurants, shops, the TU-area, cinema,s and the railway station.Our pleasant courtyard is an extra in the middle of the city center. You can use it for free once you “live”here. You can enjoy this quiet and safe environment also fit for relaxing or studies. We have free WIFI.

The Units of “Just Like Home”

The units differ in sizes and prices. All units are fit for only 1 person and the prices are including Gas Water Electricity and Internet. ( GWE+I)
You rent per whole month starting on the first day of the month until the last day of the month.You receive a monthly confirmation. We do not work with contracts.
Most of our units have a private kitchenette but all have their own bathroom/toilet ensuite.
We also have units without a private kitchen but with private bathroom. They are smaller but have a luxurious shared kitchen with dishwasher, induction-plate, microwave and is fully equipped. They also have a common room for sharing dinner or to meet others.
All tenants can use our washing facility’s for free once a week. The cleaning facility’s, also for shared use can be used anytime.

As of May 1st, we closed our doors as a Hotel but continue as a Short Stay Accommodation: The Emauspoort “Just Like Home”